Satisfying customers near and far

No matter where you are in the world, Priority Communications can deliver, fast. 


We've supported organisations headquartered in many different parts of the world, from Australia to the US, Canada, China, Germany, Switzerland and New Zealand. 


We use 24 hour time to our advantage. Brief us at the end of your day. Have it in your inbox the next morning. 



Work examples

Brand communication

Website content

Website copy must be clear and engaging from the get go. Every word has the capacity to draw visitors in - or drive them away. Don't let it be the latter. Let us help you make a great first impression and bring your brand to life. 

Articles, blogs & e-books

In a world drowning in rehashed, SEO-stuffed content, be one of the few to ignite discussion with fresh, original thinking. We'll help channel your expertise into thought provoking discussions and published media content.
Industry reports
We have written numerous in-depth industry reports, thoroughly researching topics and interviewing subject matter experts to create intellectual property that drives results for your organisation.

Marketing collateral

Hook your audience with attention-grabbing content. We can help with copy for brochures, ads, flyers, direct marketing event invitations and presentations.
Media releases & speeches
Press release and speech writing is a specialist skill which can only be well honed through practice. Priority Communications has written dozens of media releases, so what can we say, we've got your back.  We've also written numerous speeches including for prime ministers, ministers, CEOs and other senior leaders. 

Change communication

Manager toolkits

When it comes to smooth change, communication must be well coordinated, timed and executed. Used by multiple clients globally, the Manager Toolkit is a proven method used to optimise the process of message development and collaboration in a highly confidential and very efficient manner.

The toolkit is distributed to senior management to ensure they are well briefed of the change ahead of its rollout - providing clear, consistent messaging to support them in briefing their teams and other stakeholders. It also ensures all senior management are fully aware of what's being communicated, to who and when.

Manager Toolkits are ideal for handling sensitive or material announcements including organisational restructures, executive changes, mergers or acquisitions, funding rounds or IPOs.

People & technology change communication

Major technology rollouts, new programs and process changes require careful communications planning at every stage - pre-launch (building awareness and a desire to support the change), launch (what's happening, what's in it for me, what do I need to do) and embed (reinforce the 'why', check in on progress, sustain the change by building into processes.) Let us help you plan and execute your next change with confidence.  

Employee communications

Employee announcements & newsletters

Inform and inspire employees with engaging exec announcements and employee newsletters that clearly communicate business changes, celebrate successes and inspire trust in leadership.