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Brand communication

Tell your story - together let's make it a good one. 



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According to a report by Demand Metric, 70% of people would rather learn about a company by reading an article or blog post than looking at an ad. Content marketing also generates around three times per dollar spent compared to traditional marketing. ​So that makes content pretty important, right?


Yes, so long as it's good content.

The only way to truly generate leads and improve brand loyalty is with copy that’s easy to read, but also that's engaging and informative. Just as there's a glut of content writers out there, so too is the internet awash with rehashed, SEO-stuffed copy that offers no real value – and in the end achieves nothing.


Let us help you create authentic, interesting stories that contribute to the conversation and get results. We can help with articles, blogs, brochures, brand story, e-books, EDMs, e-newsletters, campaign copy, case studies, press releases, product descriptions, scriptwriting, tone of voice guides, website content, whitepapers and award submissions.

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Employee communication

People engagement doesn't happen on its own.

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Every manager knows that an engaged workforce leads to better bottom line results. But knowing how to inspire and motivate employees to give their best every day – that’s the tricky part.

If engagement drops, you’re likely to find yourself with poorer productivity, lower performance and higher turnover.

Shift your workforce up a gear with clear, engaging communications that addresses employee pain points, demonstrates transparency and inspires employees to give their all to the future success of your organisation.


We can help with values statements, engagement programs, internal communication plans, employee announcements, employee newsletters, intranet articles, executive emails, speeches, presentations, cascade communications and video editing.​


Change communication

Change on the horizon?

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Organisational change around your systems, assets, people or culture can be a complex process. Usually there's no formal function driving the transformation – which means a whole lot of extra work for the People and Communications teams.

Change management requires careful planning and communication to keep employees fully informed. If key stakeholders are not aligned on messaging and your workforce is not actively engaged, it can result in resistance to change, employee insecurity and workforce tension. Even worse, high attrition rates can affect customer service and the bottom line.

Deliver change clearly and with confidence without the overhead of a full-time employee. We can help with communication plans and tactical content for a range of change situations, including mergers & acquisitions, IPOs, leadership changes, restructures, system implementations and new people processes.